From the Hardwood Russell Westbrook on His Love for Style

image oneHow far were you into your career when you started entering it?

I would state probably like four or five years ago, when I went to my very first Fashion Week and I was able to take a seat with different individuals. My first time, I sat down with Andr Leon Talley and found out more various things from him. The next time I had an opportunity to sit down with Anna Wintour. And I simply type of found my way around to fulfilling the top individuals in the style world and learn different things from those individuals.

When did you choose to start displaying your unique style sense in NBA circles for instance, during postgame interviews and interview?

Truthfully, I was constantly dressing like this. Our team certainly improved and got a lot more prestige. And I believe once they started seeing me a growing number of, they were like, "Oh, this person has his own sense of design." It's something that I was always doing I believe some people simply saw it and it provided me a platform to use it and branch off into different things.

Who are a few of your favorite designers? Who do you get your inspiration from?

I get that question a lot and I never have a true response. Because truthfully, male, me, I'm here I'm constantly on the web, constantly searching, constantly looking at publications and looking at different short articles and looking at different shows. I like so numerous various designers for various reasons.

What's your take on the NBA's relocate to allow groups to sell ads on jerseys? From a fashion perspective, is there a method making that appearance excellent and not too ugly?

Honestly, I 'd be more interested in developing a jersey rather. Perhaps if you had a Balmain jersey or a Givenchy or Dior.