Harry's style boutique, cabinet of stars, expanding to CBD

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" Other CBD retailers have actually informed us that many of their customers are from outdoors Wellington and checking out the city," she stated.

" While our Seatoun shop is near Wellington airport and we do have a lot of consumers from around New Zealand and overseas, we are most likely to get more of these consumers being so near Wellington's hotels and city destinations."

Wellington's positive city environment was an essential reason for Stringer's confidence in expanding.

" We took a look at opening a second store in Auckland but Wellington seems like the place to be."

Stringer thinks smaller sized boutiques and cafes were important to the material of the city.

" Boutiques add a huge amount to the character of a city Centre. Huge chain stores may be dominant in many cities however the heart of a city lies in its smaller sized, more eccentric shops and cafes."

She opened the Seatoun store eight years earlier, when she moved back to the capital after living in Sydney and Hong Kong.

A passionate gardener, she missed her pastime in Hong Kong, so discovered an outlet in customizing.

" I had a good time putting colors together like a garden."

Her wardrobe was complete when she returned and her reason to purchase for other people was to open a store.

Harry's was motivated by her preferred shops in Sydney and London and was well-known for its own label 'When Harry Ran Away' (called after Stringer's pet Harry - whose ashes remain in the store).

" We have a philosophy that beautiful style need to be accessible to everybody by offering both affordable and unique products."

Style was continually altering, so interacting with consumers was crucial to her business success.

" We email our database regularly with information about new arrivals or fashion motivation. Our Facebook page is popular and a fantastic tool for getting news out rapidly and cost-effectively. Just recently we've begun a Harry's Instagram page which is working well too."